Group Tour
8-Day West of Ireland: Emerald Isle Highlights
• July 5-12, 2019

Our deluxe coach bus tour will take in the spectacular scenery and culture of the West of Ireland. Travelling with our very own Neville Gardner, you will not want to miss this unique opportunity to see Ireland through a native Irishman's eyes.

Group Tour
7-Day England & wales: The dragon and the Rose
• October 21-28, 2019

Travel from London on a northwest journey to Wales on our deluxe coach bus tour of all the best of England and Wales! Take in some of the spectacular scenery and cultural heritage of both countries while staying in some of the best situated hotels.

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Neville Gardner + Gerry Timlin


Travel Ireland and the British Isles with knowledgeable, native to Ireland tour guides.


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“Travelling with Neville and seeing his country through the eyes of a native Irishman is magical!”

Cliffs of Moher

Cliffs of Moher